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IN loving MEMORY




On February 11, 2017, Olivia Newton-John came to our home to be guest on A Spoonful Of Paolo. Patrick & I still talk often about that magical day. Olivia came with her longtime publicist & close friend Michael Caprio & bandmates Beth Nielsen Chapman & Amy Sky. They parked in our garage & as I was walking to their cars, I introduced myself to Michael & then there she was next to him… Grammy winner, Olivia Newton-John! She was so lovely & kind to me. We went inside & Olivia went to change her outfit. She came out wearing this really cool bomber jacket embroidered with flowers. She said she had been waiting to wear this jacket & I must say she looked fabulous in it. Being Italian, I always do a whole spread of food & homemade cookies when celebrities come to our home. Usually they nibble a little here & there, but Olivia & her team ate everything I made & loved my Italian ricotta cookies. I was dying inside because OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN was in our home & I was about to interview her! She truly loved the interview & was so touched when we made a donation to her cancer research institute. Then, our day got more magical because Leeza Gibbons dropped by to have Olivia autograph some merchandise - she was so lovely too. When they all left, Patrick & I got very emotional. We couldn’t believe what just happened! The next day, we went with our close friends Megan & Paul (friends of Olivia's also) to her concert in Los Angeles. When Olivia came out to see us after the show, I was facing the opposite way & I heard her say “Where’s Paolo??" I turned around & she gave me the biggest hug. I will cherish that moment forever. My mom was a huge fan of Olivia’s, so to know they are up there together warms my heart. I love you Olivia. 

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